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Server query error id list


Internal Name (ERROR_...) Hex Dec Reason Message
normal ok 0x0000 0 unknown error code
normal undefined 0x0001 1 undefined error
normal not_implemented 0x0002 2 not implemented
normal ok_no_update 0x0003 3  
normal dont_notify 0x0004 4  
normal lib_time_limit_reached 0x0005 5 library time limit reached
normal command_not_found 0x0100 256 command not found
normal unable_to_bind_network_port 0x0101 257 unable to bind network port
normal no_network_port_available 0x0102 258 no network port available
normal client_invalid_id 0x0200 512 invalid clientID
normal client_nickname_inuse 0x0201 513 nickname is already in use
      514 invalid error code
normal client_protocol_limit_reached 0x0203 515 max clients protocol limit reached
normal client_invalid_type 0x0204 516 invalid client type
normal client_already_subscribed 0x0205 517 already subscribed
normal client_not_logged_in 0x0206 518 not logged in
normal client_could_not_validate_identity 0x0207 519 could not validate client identity
rare client_invalid_password 0x0208 520 invalid loginname or password
rare client_too_many_clones_connected 0x0209 521 too many clones already connected
normal client_version_outdated 0x020a 522 client version outdated, please update
rare client_is_online 0x020b 523 client is online
normal client_is_flooding 0x020c 524 client is flooding
normal client_hacked 0x020d 525 client is modified
normal client_cannot_verify_now 0x020e 526 can not verify client at this moment
normal client_login_not_permitted 0x020f 527 client is not permitted to log in
normal client_not_subscribed 0x0210 528 client is not subscribed to the channel
normal channel_invalid_id 0x0300 768 invalid channelID
normal channel_protocol_limit_reached 0x0301 769 max channels protocol limit reached
normal channel_already_in 0x0302 770 already member of channel
normal channel_name_inuse 0x0303 771 channel name is already in use
normal channel_not_empty 0x0304 772 channel not empty
normal channel_can_not_delete_default 0x0305 773 can not delete default channel
normal channel_default_require_permanent 0x0306 774 default channel requires permanent
normal channel_invalid_flags 0x0307 775 invalid channel flags
normal channel_parent_not_permanent 0x0308 776 permanent channel can not be child of non permanent channel
normal channel_maxclients_reached 0x0309 777 channel maxclient reached
normal channel_maxfamily_reached 0x030a 778 channel maxfamily reached
normal channel_invalid_order 0x030b 779 invalid channel order
normal channel_no_filetransfer_supported 0x030c 780 channel does not support filetransfers
normal channel_invalid_password 0x030d 781 invalid channel password
rare channel_is_private_channel 0x030e 782 channel is private channel
normal channel_invalid_security_hash 0x030f 783 invalid security hash supplied by client
normal server_invalid_id 0x0400 1024 invalid serverID
normal server_running 0x0401 1025 server is running
normal server_is_shutting_down 0x0402 1026 server is shutting down
normal server_maxclients_reached 0x0403 1027 server maxclient reached
normal server_invalid_password 0x0404 1028 invalid server password
rare server_deployment_active 0x0405 1029 deployment active
rare server_unable_to_stop_own_server 0x0406 1030 unable to stop own server in your connection class
normal server_is_virtual 0x0407 1031 server is virtual
rare server_wrong_machineid 0x0408 1032 server wrong machineID
normal server_is_not_running 0x0409 1033 server is not running
normal server_is_booting 0x040a 1034 server is booting up
normal server_status_invalid 0x040b 1035 server got an invalid status for this operation
rare server_modal_quit 0x040c 1036 server modal quit
normal server_version_outdated 0x040d 1037 server version is too old for command
rare database 0x0500 1280 database error
rare database_empty_result 0x0501 1281 database empty result set
rare database_duplicate_entry 0x0502 1282 database duplicate entry
rare database_no_modifications 0x0503 1283 database no modifications
rare database_constraint 0x0504 1284 database invalid constraint
rare database_reinvoke 0x0505 1285 database reinvoke command
normal parameter_quote 0x0600 1536 invalid quote
normal parameter_invalid_count 0x0601 1537 invalid parameter count
normal parameter_invalid 0x0602 1538 invalid parameter
normal parameter_not_found 0x0603 1539 parameter not found
normal parameter_convert 0x0604 1540 convert error
normal parameter_invalid_size 0x0605 1541 invalid parameter size
normal parameter_missing 0x0606 1542 missing required parameter
normal parameter_checksum 0x0607 1543 invalid checksum
normal vs_critical 0x0700 1792 virtual server got a critical error
normal connection_lost 0x0701 1793 Connection lost
normal not_connected 0x0702 1794 not connected
normal no_cached_connection_info 0x0703 1795 no cached connection info
normal currently_not_possible 0x0704 1796 currently not possible
normal failed_connection_initialisation 0x0705 1797 failed connection initialization
normal could_not_resolve_hostname 0x0706 1798 could not resolve hostname
normal invalid_server_connection_handler_id 0x0707 1799 invalid server connection handler ID
normal could_not_initialise_input_manager 0x0708 1800 could not initialize Input Manager
normal clientlibrary_not_initialised 0x0709 1801 client library not initialized
normal serverlibrary_not_initialised 0x070a 1802 server library not initialized
normal whisper_too_many_targets 0x070b 1803 too many whisper targets
normal whisper_no_targets 0x070c 1804 no whisper targets found
rare file_invalid_name 0x0800 2048 invalid file name
rare file_invalid_permissions 0x0801 2049 invalid file permissions
rare file_already_exists 0x0802 2050 file already exists
rare file_not_found 0x0803 2051 file not found
rare file_io_error 0x0804 2052 file input/output error
rare file_invalid_transfer_id 0x0805 2053 invalid file transfer ID
rare file_invalid_path 0x0806 2054 invalid file path
rare file_no_files_available 0x0807 2055 no files available
rare file_overwrite_excludes_resume 0x0808 2056 overwrite excludes resume
rare file_invalid_size 0x0809 2057 invalid file size
rare file_already_in_use 0x080a 2058 file already in use
rare file_could_not_open_connection 0x080b 2059 could not open file transfer connection
rare file_no_space_left_on_device 0x080c 2060 no space left on device (disk full?)
rare file_exceeds_file_system_maximum_size 0x080d 2061 file exceeds file system's maximum file size
rare file_transfer_connection_timeout 0x080e 2062 file transfer connection timeout
rare file_connection_lost 0x080f 2063 lost file transfer connection
rare file_exceeds_supplied_size 0x0810 2064 file exceeds supplied file size
rare file_transfer_complete 0x0811 2065 file transfer complete
rare file_transfer_canceled 0x0812 2066 file transfer canceled
rare file_transfer_interrupted 0x0813 2067 file transfer interrupted
rare file_transfer_server_quota_exceeded 0x0814 2068 file transfer server quota exceeded
rare file_transfer_client_quota_exceeded 0x0815 2069 file transfer client quota exceeded
rare file_transfer_reset 0x0816 2070 file transfer reset
rare file_transfer_limit_reached 0x0817 2071 file transfer limit reache
normal sound_preprocessor_disabled 0x0900 2304 preprocessor disabled
normal sound_internal_preprocessor 0x0901 2305 internal preprocessor
normal sound_internal_encoder 0x0902 2306 internal encoder
normal sound_internal_playback 0x0903 2307 internal playback
normal sound_no_capture_device_available 0x0904 2308 no capture device available
normal sound_no_playback_device_available 0x0905 2309 no playback device available
normal sound_could_not_open_capture_device 0x0906 2310 could not open capture device
normal sound_could_not_open_playback_device 0x0907 2311 could not open playback device
normal sound_handler_has_device 0x0908 2312 ServerConnectionHandler has a device registered
normal sound_invalid_capture_device 0x0909 2313 invalid capture device
normal sound_invalid_playback_device 0x090a 2314 invalid clayback device
normal sound_invalid_wave 0x090b 2315 invalid wave file
normal sound_unsupported_wave 0x090c 2316 wave file type not supported
normal sound_open_wave 0x090d 2317 could not open wave file
normal sound_internal_capture 0x090e 2318 internal capture
normal sound_device_in_use 0x090f 2319 device still in use
normal sound_device_already_registerred 0x0910 2320 device already registerred
normal sound_unknown_device 0x0911 2321 device not registered/known
normal sound_unsupported_frequency 0x0912 2322 unsupported frequency
normal sound_invalid_channel_count 0x0913 2323 invalid channel count
normal sound_read_wave 0x0914 2324 read error in wave
normal sound_need_more_data 0x0915 2325 sound need more data
normal sound_device_busy 0x0916 2326 sound device was busy
normal sound_no_data 0x0917 2327 there is no sound data for this period
normal sound_channel_mask_mismatch 0x0918 2328 Channelmask set bits count (speakers) is not the same as channel (count)
rare permission_invalid_group_id 0x0a00 2560 invalid group ID
rare permission_duplicate_entry 0x0a01 2561 duplicate entry
rare permission_invalid_perm_id 0x0a02 2562 invalid permission ID
rare permission_empty_result 0x0a03 2563 empty result set
rare permission_default_group_forbidden 0x0a04 2564 access to default group is forbidden
rare permission_invalid_size 0x0a05 2565 invalid size
rare permission_invalid_value 0x0a06 2566 invalid value
rare permissions_group_not_empty 0x0a07 2567 group is not empty
normal permissions_client_insufficient 0x0a08 2568 insufficient client permissions
rare permissions_insufficient_group_power 0x0a09 2569 insufficient group modify power
rare permissions_insufficient_permission_power 0x0a0a 2570 insufficient permission modify power
rare permission_template_group_is_used 0x0a0b 2571 template group is currently used
normal permissions 0x0a0c 2572 permission error
normal accounting_virtualserver_limit_reached 0x0b00 2816 virtualserver limit reached
normal accounting_slot_limit_reached 0x0b01 2817 max slot limit reached
normal accounting_license_file_not_found 0x0b02 2818 license file not found
normal accounting_license_date_not_ok 0x0b03 2819 license date not ok
normal accounting_unable_to_connect_to_server 0x0b04 2820 unable to connect to accounting server
normal accounting_unknown_error 0x0b05 2821 unknown accounting error
normal accounting_server_error 0x0b06 2822 accounting server error
normal accounting_instance_limit_reached 0x0b07 2823 instance limit reached
normal accounting_instance_check_error 0x0b08 2824 instance check error
normal accounting_license_file_invalid 0x0b09 2825 license file invalid
normal accounting_running_elsewhere 0x0b0a 2826 virtualserver is running elsewhere
normal accounting_instance_duplicated 0x0b0b 2827 virtualserver running in same instance already
normal accounting_already_started 0x0b0c 2828 virtualserver already started
normal accounting_not_started 0x0b0d 2829 virtualserver not started
normal accounting_to_many_starts 0x0b0e 2830  
rare message_invalid_id 0x0c00 3072 invalid message id
rare ban_invalid_id 0x0d00 3328 invalid ban id
rare connect_failed_banned 0x0d01 3329 connection failed, you are banned
rare rename_failed_banned 0x0d02 3330 rename failed, new name is banned
rare ban_flooding 0x0d03 3331 flood ban
rare tts_unable_to_initialize 0x0e00 3584 unable to initialize tts
rare privilege_key_invalid 0x0f00 3840 invalid privilege key
rare voip_pjsua 0x1000 4096  
rare voip_already_initialized 0x1001 4097  
rare voip_too_many_accounts 0x1002 4098  
rare voip_invalid_account 0x1003 4099  
rare voip_internal_error 0x1004 4100  
rare voip_invalid_connectionId 0x1005 4101  
rare voip_cannot_answer_initiated_call 0x1006 4102  
rare voip_not_initialized 0x1007 4103  
normal provisioning_invalid_password 0x1100 4352 invalid password
normal provisioning_invalid_request 0x1101 4353 invalid request
normal provisioning_no_slots_available 0x1102 4354 no (more) slots available
normal provisioning_pool_missing 0x1103 4355 pool missing
normal provisioning_pool_unknown 0x1104 4356 pool unknown
normal provisioning_unknown_ip_location 0x1105 4357 unknown ip location (perhaps LAN ip?)
normal provisioning_internal_tries_exceeded 0x1106 4358 internal error (tried exceeded)
normal provisioning_too_many_slots_requested 0x1107 4359 too many slots requested
normal provisioning_too_many_reserved 0x1108 4360 too many reserved
normal provisioning_could_not_connect 0x1109 4361 could not connect to provisioning server
normal provisioning_auth_server_not_connected 0x1110 4368 authentication server not connected
normal provisioning_auth_data_too_large 0x1111 4369 authentication data too large
normal provisioning_already_initialized 0x1112 4370 already initialized
normal provisioning_not_initialized 0x1113 4371 not initialized
normal provisioning_connecting 0x1114 4372 already connecting
normal provisioning_already_connected 0x1115 4373 already connected
normal provisioning_not_connected 0x1116 4374  
normal provisioning_io_error 0x1117 4375 io_error
normal provisioning_invalid_timeout 0x1118 4376  
normal provisioning_ts3server_not_found 0x1119 4377  
normal provisioning_no_permission 0x111A 4378 unknown permissionID