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                        TeamSpeak 3 - Client Changelog
                       Copyright TeamSpeak Systems GmbH

   + Added feature or noticeable improvement
   - Bug fix or something removed
   * Changed or Information
   ! Important - Take note!

=== Client Release 3.0.19 01 Apr 2016
+ Added pre- and postinstall conditions to Updater to allow running custom
  commands before or after an update. Will be used to install the new
  Visual Studio 2015 C++ runtime for next release.
+ Added French and Spanish translations
* OS X client now uses Apple Transport Security instead of OpenSSL
* Updated Lua runtime in Lua plugin
* New features window now has an expire timeout to prevent opening outdated
  news when doing a fresh install.
- Fixed possible crash on Linux 64-bit when receiving invalid network packages
- Fixed banners send with "Cache-Control" HTTP resonse header
- Fixed slow loading banners being shown after disconnecting from server
- Fixed possible freeze when loading lots of channel images
- Updated included libpng
- Updated included openssl
- Fixed master volume slider not updating properly when using multiple playback
- Prevent displaying locale images in bbCode IMG tags
- Don't collect channelid:// URLs in Url catcher
- Fixed freeze with many images in channel description
- Fixed ban presets showing invalid preset items
- Fixed avatar display when uploading a new avatar with different dimensions
- Fixed external links in About / License
- Fixed possible Qt crash when downloading from Http sources
- Removed server IP display in server and client connection info dialogs
- Removed setup wizard, replaced with a simple dialog to let users enter a
  default nickname. To be expanded in a future release.
- Fixes to hotkey events in plugin SDK